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Project Description

Our target is a diagnostic clinic that is located in the Swiss town of Montreux. Under the clinic had to be adapted first floor of a residential building . This historical building with its architectural character. The goal was to create a harmonious, comfortable space with observance of all sanitary requirements and constraints . Thanks to the coordinated work of the Studio and ability to find creative solutions, ill even working at a distance from the object.

The characteristic features of the structure is its architectural monument status, which leads to minimal intervention in architectural-planning structure of the object.
The customer wanted to the friendly atmosphere of home living room or country club, not the atmosphere is cold, white, sterile rooms of hospitals. Following the interior of warm tones, using natural materials and adding to the existing stucco, managed to get a single compositional space of the clinic.

The same principle we followed in creating the meeting room, moving away from the traditional round-table negotiations in the middle of the room. At the same time, we have created does not cause fatigue space and room for events of different formats. In med. offices, to create the interior design, the main criterion was the functionalism and compliance with local sanitary standards of the premises.

Clinic surveys, turned out fully equipped and has facilities for visitors and people with disabilities. Staff are provided with changing room and kitchen area with Seating for eating and relaxing.
The hallmark of an object is the clinic\'s logo, which greets visitors in the reception area and repeated in the offices of the interior elements.

Project Details

Area before redevelopment = 381,8 sq m
Area after redevelopment = 364,0 sq m

Plans for the project