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Project Description

The main task for the design of the office of the Ukrainian communication holding "Atlantic Group" was the creation of atmospheric and discreet premises, contributing to the productive activities of employees.
The design solution for the office was proposed based on the wishes of the customer, world experience and budget. It was important to take into account all the ergonomic requirements, choose a color solution that is favorable for work, and analyze the psychological perception and influence of color in the interior of office spaces.
With a total area of 538 square meters, lecture halls for 70 and 30 people, a cafe for 40 people, strategists' rooms, secretariat and administration, guest and meeting rooms, co-working and lounge areas were located.
The result is a stylish office for the efficient work of the holding's employees.

Total area:

Before redevelopment - 547 sq.m
After planning - 538 sq.m

Plans for the project