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Project Description

The two-storeyed office part of the factory’s building, located in Kyiv region.

The Customer set the task – to redesign the factory building of the Soviet period to the modern one “European face” building with its unique interior.

The design was made in laconic modern style. The color scheme was chosen according to the company’s brand.

Basic premises of the office: executive offices, meeting rooms, open space area for employees. Also for the employees of the company there were provided recreational areas – coffee points. A special area is a showroom, where samples of the company are presented not only on the stands, but also as an installation.

In addition to the interior design of the project we developed draft design of the replanning of building sides and land improvement of the plant.

Project Details

The total area before redevelopment: 2224 sq.m.
The total area after redevelopment: 2448.5 sq.m.
The height of the rough ceiling:
1st floor – 3,7 m.
2nd floor – 2,9 m.

Plans for the project