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Project Description

Our studio got a difficult layout, but in the end we got an interesting space with three bathrooms and an unusual bedroom area. Soft and cozy interior, tactilely pleasant textures, magnificent textures and shapes - all this is in our project from our studio. The trend for many years in the organization of bedroom spaces has become - the combination of the sleeping area with the bathroom area, as in our project. A bedroom is a very personal one, let's even put it this way: an intimate place in an apartment. Therefore, the design here can be not only functional, stylish and timeless, but also ... sexy. Children's room in the style of the entire apartment - minimalism and with its own bathroom. According to our studio, the project turned out well.

Total area:

Before redevelopment - 121,83 sq.m
After redevelopment - 123,78 sq.m
Height of the rough ceiling - 3,25 m

Plans for the project