Proper design project – a perfect repair!


Apartment, Milchakova street, 2015

Project Details

Flat (secondary market) for a family of four (a married couple and two girls of different ages). Developing the design project we faced an interesting challenge: to put all functional areas in limited space as well as to take into account the individual characteristics of taste and wishes of the Customer. Design project is made in a contemporary style with elements of eco-style. For this purpose we used natural raw materials. Much attention was paid to ergonomics and functionality of the space of the apartment. We made the most of every square centimeter of the apartment for the comfort and convenience of its residents.

Total area:
before redevelopment – 67.0 sq.m.
after redevelopment – 72.2 sq.m.
the height of the rough ceiling – 2,48-2,52 m.

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Plans for the project

plan plan