Project Description

Interior of the ofice Atlantic Group, Zhylianska st, Kyiv, 2018

Project details

Total area:
Before the pre-planning – 547.98 sq.m
After redevelopment – 538.02 sq.m
Height of the rough ceiling – 3,5 m


The main task set by the customer was the creation of an atmospheric and restrained room that promotes the productive activity of employees.

The design decision of the office was proposed based on the wishes of the customer, world experience and budget. It was important to take into account all ergonomic requirements, to choose a color solution that is favorable for work, and to conduct an analysis of the psychological perception and color influence in the office space .
As a result, we chose and offered a minimalistic design. The main colors are monochrome: white / gray / graphite, and as an accent was defined “navy”.
There are several types of lighting in the interior. Also we have selected LED-glows (cold white and blue colors).

The design uses various materials and textures (lacquer surfaces, wood, felt, etc.) that creates saturation of the interior. Each zone is separate and filled with special features that echo from site to site and do not violate the intended integrity.
A special element designed for this interior are couch sofas for communication. The main role of which is to create a sense of camera conversing and not disturb the comfort of neighboring communicators.
The cumbersome furniture was replaced with modular components, which very well relieved the space and created a mass-balanced interior.

With a total area of ​​538 sq.m halls of the lecture hall for 70 and 30 people, a cafe for 40 people, rooms for strategists, the secretariat and administrations, guest and meeting rooms, co-working and lounge zones.

Redevelopment – before and after