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Green roofs

Rooftop garden To date, very relevant is the device of "green roofs" in the world. It is also one of the areas of eco-design. Roof gardens add to the uniqueness of your space, both public and residential, create comfort. Friends, get inspired, and maybe You want to have on the roof of this garden, but [...]

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Patterns in architecture

Such patterns as paisley , patchwork, and techniques such as stripes, zigzags and checks, which are quite popular and are widely used in the interior. But we want to draw attention to other patterns and designs that can be used not only in interior but also in architecture in general. It could be ethnic motifs [...]

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Labels in the interior

Labels with a positive message positively charged space! One focus, in both public and residential interiors are the labels. We have used this technique in our projects. It's caused by sandblasting and nice words on mirrors in the bedroom, and logos according to the specifications of the company - writing on the glass partitions. We [...]

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Colored glass

Glass is often used in architecture, it is an indispensable material. The colored glass makes the interior colourful and original. In modern architecture and design can be used not only as the stained glass, but also a self-sufficient partitions, enclosures and installations. Moreover the application of stained glass is now so broad that it applies [...]

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Design in details

The little things few people notice, but they form integrity. It's like a subtle touch, a kind of zest. Lamps, mirrors, radiators, furniture, decor, accessories and other interior components. They create harmony, "quit" and finish the interior. During a photo shoot of one of our properties, we paid special attention to the parts and their [...]

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New opportunities of 3D printing

It took not so much time after the 3D printer has received worldwide fame but it has printed probably everything you can think of: dresses, medical prostheses, and the architecture here is not in last place. Friends you probably have already guess that today we are focusing on the opening of the world's first office [...]

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Ideas for your home

In the process of designing the interior the issue of storing stuff is always attend. During project development, we try to provide everything to the smallest detail taking into account customer wishes and "requirements" of the room. But sometimes the daily habits of residents are changing. They may find a new hobby such as fishing or [...]

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The modern form of the classic crystal chandeliers

When we talk about crystal chandeliers many of us images of massive chandeliers in the lobbies of expensive hotels where the ceiling height under ten metres and walls with trimmed with gold or worse glass chandeliers of Soviet period. But today we want to share with you sophisticated and airy lamps from Lolli e Memmoli. [...]

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Coloring pages for adults architecture

Antistress architecture Recently gaining a lot of popularity of anti-stress coloring pages for adults. We picked a rather complicated coloring on the theme of architecture, with a huge field for creativity. Psychologists believe such an occupation for an adult very useful and refer it to the branch of medicine called "art therapy". They recommend challenging [...]

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Dear friends, very soon will come summer. And the scorching sun will be forced to seek refuge in the shade. We have made a selection of interesting designs of awnings and umbrellas for both the public and residential areas. We wish you all this summer, only positive recreation and aesthetic pleasure! !

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