Svitlana Korenivska Studio

Our experience dates back to work in collaboration with an architectural and construction company «Elit Group».Although well knownas “PHI-Studio”with proof of numerous completed projects,the next stage of our development was re-branding and today we are pleased to welcome you to “Svitlana KorenivskaStudio”!
Qualification of our employees allows us to confidently take on projects of any complexity. We take into account personality and wishes of the customer in every project, whether it is private apartments or public facilities. Turning to us, in addition to the original design idea, you get thoroughly researched design project, seeing that any builder can make the necessary repairs and implement a design project to life.

Who We Are

Create a harmonious spaces. Turn our designed creative ideas into reality. Make world more beautiful.
We think over the smallest detail in each of our project. Moving from the general to the particular we are looking for the ideal option. Conformity of interior and temper of the customer, his worldview and habits is the most important thing for us in working with design of housing. The ergonomics and functionality of space – for public projects.
  • Make a design project FOR the Customer taking into account HIS wishes not just a beautiful picture in our portfolio.
  • Always find a middle ground between functionality and aesthetic attraction. We don’t bring functionality to sacrifice aesthetic attraction and vice versa.
  • Create projects which for many years will look relevant and interesting.
  • Win in a prestigious architectural competition
  • Have a superpower to be in two or more places at the same time :))

Our Team

Svitlana Korenivska
Svitlana KorenivskaDirector. Architect-designer
I was born in Kryvyy Rih, graduated with honor from the faculty of architecture in Lviv. Moved to Kyiv, went to work as an architect in Berlin.
Returned to Kiev, led the architectural design department of Ltd. “Elite Group”, a few years later organized an architectural design studio “PHI-Studio”, which, in recent times, was renamed to “Svitlana Korenivska Studio”.
I express my mood into drawing, like elegant and beautiful things, enjoy the study of life.
Adamenko Maria
Adamenko MariaArchitect-designer
She was born in Uzhgorod, he graduated from the faculty of architecture “Lviv Polytechnic”.
It illuminates scientific activities and moved to Kiev. I could not assume that after
graduate school, I find myself in teaching. Now, in parallel with the work of teaching
architectural design in KNUBA. Every day is observed as a developing young
Theatre is my weakness, organic feel on stage and in the auditorium.
Natalya Knyazeva
Natalya KnyazevaArchitect-designer
Born and raised in Kyiv, graduated from the faculty of architecture of one of Kiev universities. By the way, the path to the architecture was through incomplete technical education in the KPI. But the experience proved to be very useful, it helps me today. Among my hobbies can undoubtedly include yoga and crafts (home decor).
For me, the main factor of success – loving what you do.